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About OpenERP

When we mean us, it is not just us OpenERP, it is all of us. It's about our customers, partners, community members, investors and employees.
They all support our efforts to transform the ERP and business application industry.


OpenERP was founded by CEO Fabien Pinckaers in 2005.Fabien's vision was that Open Source provided a better 
way to meet customers' expectations. The above photo was taken during our partners and community days.So when we mean about us we mean about all of us.

Our partners: Over 400+ partners deploy our software and support our customers in over 70 countries.

Our community: more than 1500 individuals contribute to improving the software every day.

Our investors: OpenERP went through a first round of financing with Sofinnova a leading European Venture capital firm
and Iliad managers Xavier Niel and Olivier Rosenfeld.

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