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SWIFT Point of Sale

SWIFT POS, a, client/server point-of-sale (POS) solution, has long defined the standard of excellence in the POS industry. SWIFT POS meets the needs of a wide variety of retailers. Retail Customers include cloth-stores, Restaurants. Additionally, the solution is offered with powerful back-office applications, for in-depth, store-level management and reporting. SWIFT POS consists of a store server with cash register terminals or other devices.


  • Unmatched flexibility - Retailers can quickly and easily configure SWIFT POS, thanks to an easy-to-use configuration tool and business rules engine 
  • SWIFT POS can easily be modified without custom programming, it easily adapts to retailers' changing needs
  • Enable quick response to changing market requirements with the fast implementation of new capabilities.
  • Enhance revenue through more efficient checkout processes.
  • Increase responsiveness to shopper needs.
  • Improve employee productivity and efficiency.
  • Track and update inventory.
  • Record consumer's purchasing history.

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