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SWIFT Enterprise Learning Management is the integrated application that dramatically improves workforce knowledge, skills, and abilities. By ensuring your employees acquire new proficiencies, LMS helps you meet your business objectives.


Throughout the evolution of the learning market, the LMS has remained at the heart of the learning business. As the glue that holds learning technology components together, the LMS delivers learning and required results to the organization. In the LMS industry, where the feature and function capability across the competitive landscape has reached an equilibrium, the need to extend the learning strategy beyond the traditional corporate boundaries is growing. The underlying LMS integration strategy is more important than ever.


Today's workforce needs, knowledge, skills, and abilities that are aligned with your organization's needs and objectives. You also need to manage and track your learning programs. Finally, the cost of delivering your learning programs must continue to decline. SWIFT Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) enables you to meet these goals.

Build your best workforce—automatically direct your talented workforce to the learning programs they need so they can quickly gain or improve knowledge and skills. SWIFT Enterprise Learning Management System create specific, targeted learning objectives allowing each employee to focus on the learning they need to become even better at their job. LMS is connected to career planning and succession planning so your employees obtain learning at the right time and place.

Lower costs—as you move from higher-cost instructor-led training to web-based e-Learning to Web informal learning, LMS provides a robust platform to meet your changing needs. By consolidating all your learning management and tracking into LMS, you will dramatically reduce the administrative cost of delivering learning interventions across the organization.

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