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SWIFT Warehouse Management

IT-SYS Corp. Warehouse management system product provides a range of options for companies looking to maximise operational efficiency within their warehouse and logistics operations. All our solutions are proven applications which benefit from advanced design and powerful underlying database technology.

Most importantly, our solutions are the result of many years' specialist experience. So although they offer sophisticated features they're intuitive and highly usable, reflecting best practice certainly, but above all designed to be used in the real warehouse environment by people who understand the demands of their business.

About IT SyS


  • Ensure optimum accuracy and eliminate costly errors
  • Maximise the efficiency of your handling processes
  • Boost productivity of individuals, teams and shifts
  • Achieve full utilization of personnel and equipment resource
  • Maintain fully disciplined procedures within your operation
  • Generate real time information for tight operational control
  • Ensure complete traceability of every product movement

Product features:

  • Movements, transfers and housekeeping
  • Stock status management
  • Detailed stock and location reporting
  • Stock ownership privileges
  • Stock status management
  • Ability to know the specific destination withdrawals from warehouses for example, withdrawals during the period of the personnel of the stationery to work the necessary estimates and expectations and monitoring the size of outgoing
  • Enter the physical inventory and compare it with the balances recorded in the system and print out the inventory form (Form No. 11) and print various reports on inventory
  • precise control of the balances of items (quantity and value) Print automatically balances differences between inventory control and warehouse

    Ability to view and print the card control product as it is on demand or on a particular date
  • Ability to print reports balances as it is when you request the report or on a particular date.
  • Print lists of inventory and enter inventory and print out the differences between the regime and the adoption of physical inventory and inventory balances
  • Knowledge of missing documents and missing
  • setting to secure items to a request for items that have reached re-order quantity

Inventory control settings:

  • Species groups
  • The power users on the warehouse
  • Register and card product
  • Fast entry screen shortcuts
  • The reasons for return codes
  • Currency conversion
  • Item status codes
  • Symbols and units of items

Inventory control processes:

  • Definition screen items warehouses
  • Entry screen balances beginning of the year
  • Minutes of receipt
  • Request for payment of materials
  • Application for a license regardless of the needs of
  • Return the document
  • Re-calculate the balances of items
  • Introduction of annual inventory
  • Settlement with the balance of the annual inventory computer
  • Screen closing the year


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